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Valkyrie Bestiary Series FAQ

Believe it or not, I wrote 4 complete novels set in Kyra’s world before writing Dragons Don’t Eat Meat. None of those first novels quite captured the spirit of the story I wanted to tell so they remain unpublished. But all that writing means that there was a lot of world-building and backstory created before I even started this book. Here’s a little bit about Kyra’s world to get you started. 

Kyra is half Valkyrie and half dryad. She lives in Montreal Ward in the year 2080, fifty years after a devastating war broke countries, killed billions and severed the ley-lines to bring magic rushing back into the world. She is a pest controller who specializes in wrangling class three fae creatures. She lives in Sayntanne on the west end of the Montreal island which is protected from the wastelands (known as the Inbetween) by a heavy-duty magical ward. The ward was built by fae magic and is maintained by the alchemists. Kyra has a crush on Henry Mason, captain of a vigilante group known as the Guardians. 

Below are questions from readers taken on various polls online. 

Q: Can you tell me more about the flood wars that are mentioned in the books?
A: The flood wars happened 50 years before the story starts. Kyra was living in Asgard at the time and missed the worst of it. Magic trickled back into the world, opening the way for the fae, demons and all manner of creatures to return. Some people say that the return of magic was the Earth spirit fighting back against man's encroachment. Whatever the reason, humans quickly did what they do best and weaponized the new magic. This started a world war that devastated all the continents. Now people live in isolated city-states surrounded by the Inbetween, a dangerous land where magic is the only rule of law. 

Q: How did Kyra meet her roommate?
A: Kyra’s roommate is a banshee named Gita. There introduction is the focus of my current work-in-progress. Without spoiling it, all I can say is that their meeting concerns a water dragon and a very handsome young fisherman. It takes place many years before Book 1. Check out the new Valkyrie Bestiary Series reading order page for updates when this novella will be published.

Q: How did Kyra meet Mason?
A: Almost a year before the events in Dragons Don’t Eat Meat, Kyra was called to her old middle school to investigate an infestation of satyrs. Unfortunately the satyrs woke up a troll living under a nearby bridge. Mason was trying to capture the troll when they arrived. You can read this adventure in the prequel novelette, Three Half Goats Gruff

Q: What was the most dangerous creature Kyra faced? 
A: That’s a tough one. Kyra has faced some pretty dangerous creatures, from hallucinogen-inducing frogs to giant corpse-eating grubs. Not to mention crazed were-bears and fire-spitting chimera. But I think the winner would have to be a tie between the opji vampire and the rock troll. These were the only two creatures that got inside her guard, forcing her to seek urgent medical attention.

Q: How many critters does Kyra take care of?
A: In Dragons Don’t Eat Meat, Kyra has a basilisk, 2 madras, a very large bejeweled snail, 2 vampire slugs, 2 rats, bearded dragons, an eel, a pygmy kraken, an ice sprite and a cat. And a dervish who desperately wants to live with her. And now a baby dragon. There are others that aren't mentioned, and many others that she re-homes back to the wild land known as the Inbetween. She gets help caring for them from her banshee roommate/nanny, Gita.

Q: How old is Kyra? She sounds around mid 20’s.
A: Kyra is 78 years old at the beginning of the series. What? I know that sound crazy. But she went to live in Asgard when she was 18 and ate the famed Golden Apples. They kept her young. Now that she's back in our world she doesn't know if she will age any more. She looks to be about 25, but she takes a wait-and-see approach to immortality.

Q: Is the series complete?
A: No. Currently there are three books in the series, plus one short story prequel. (See the Series Reading Order page). But books 1-3 complete the first story arc that deals with Mason’s past. I am currently planning 9 books total (with some spinoff shorts). Books 4-6 will focus on Kyra’s past and we’ll meet some of her family from Asgard.

Q: How long have you been writing?
A: I wrote my first book of poetry when I was eight. It started like this:
Cats have fur.
They often purr.
And it got worse after that. I’ve been writing all my life. I published my first novel in 1999. After that I focused on children’s books for many years. In 2016, I turned back to my real fictional love, Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Suspense. I’ve been publishing in those genres ever since.

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