Kim McDougall Author

Cover Reveal Coming Soon

Book 4 of the Valkyrie Bestiary Series is coming Fall 2021!

As soon as I have cover art, I'll have a more definite date. 

But I can officially release the new title. Ready for it?

(Drum roll...)


And what is a grimalkin, you might ask? Here's a Wikipedia Definition:

A grimalkin (also called a greymalkin) is an archaic term for a cat. The term stems from "grey" (the colour) plus "malkin", an archaic term with several meanings (a low class woman, a weakling, a mop, or a name) derived from a hypocoristic form of the female name Maud. Scottish legend makes reference to the grimalkin as a faery cat that dwells in the highlands.

So basically, a cat. But of course, if it's a creature in Kyra's world it's going to one heck of a cat. 

Here's a little snippet from the unedited draft:

The Grimalkin tensed under my hand. 

“What are you doing?” He nearly spun his head off his shoulders, goggling at the fingers sunk into his fur.

“I’m petting you. See?” I ran my hand down his back. 

“Why? Why are you doing that?” He arched into my touch, but his tail had other ideas. It swished like a viper attacking prey. 

“It’s what people do. Relax.”

His toes kneaded the ground, displaying inch-long claws sharpened to wicked points. I was pushing my luck and I knew it. Willow, my gray cat, normally me get in three-point-two pets exactly before she’d turn on me. But it was amusing to see contrary emotions warring within the grimalkin.

I got in one more stroke before he turned, hissed and sunk teeth into my hand. He didn’t break the skin. It was a warning only. Then he stalked off to wash my scent off his fur. 

“Why do you taunt him?” Mason asked.