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Every month I take part in book fairs. This is a great way for you to pick up free books and great deals. Click on the images below to see the current book fairs. Be sure to check prices before ordering any book as prices can change quickly.

Happy Book Birthday to Me!

Dervishes Don't Dance, Book 2 of the Valkyrie Bestiary releases today! Here are a few fun things to celebrate:

Deleted Scenes

Check out one of Kyra's first encounters with Jacoby, the dervish or get your adrenaline pumping as Kyra and Mason battle some unusual arachnids.
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Free Wallpaper

See the beautiful full cover art for Dervishes Don't Dance created by the very talented Pamela Francescut, and download it to use a your desktop wallpaper.
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Ask Me Anything

Curious about the unusual world that Kyra lives in? In the comments, ask me anything about the post-apocalyptic Montreal, Kyra's backstory or about her menagerie of critters. Any goes. As long as questions don't involve spoilers, I'll answer them all. The best ones will be featured on the WrongTree 
Press blog. 

Meet the Characters

Meet the characters in Kyra's life, some old friends and some new ones.
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Valkyrie Bestiary Blog

New blog posts for the critters in Dervishes Don't Dance are up on the Valkyrie Bestiary Blog.
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Sometimes you just need to hug your fire dervish. Like when he protects you from brownies. Or goes down into the scary basement with you because he’s proud to be your apprentice. 

Or when he saves the world.

Kyra Greene, pest controller to the extraordinary is back with a new adventure! 

A Guardian is dead. Fae are missing. And someone has let a golem loose in town. Ride along with Kyra Greene, the only pest controller qualified to deal with the strange and wonderful creatures that come out of the shadows when magic flares.

Dervishes Don’t Dance is the sequel to Dragons Don’t Eat Meat and the second book in the Valkyrie Bestiary Series.

Get it now at Amazon.


Deleted Scene: Kyra Meets Jacoby

After decades of writing, I've left many good bits and pieces on the cutting room floor, so to speak. Sometimes, it's just a snippet of description or a conversation. Some could be backstory that I needed to write for me to understand a character. Other times an entire chapter needs to be trimmed, no matter how much I like it. If it doesn't fit or just has no real purpose, it must go. Before I published Dragons Don't Eat Meat, I wrote 4 entire drafts set in Kyra's world. That's 4 completely different novels. None of them worked for me, and I'm glad I waited until I wrote the novel I really wanted.

But that means I've got a lot of extra verbiage hanging around. Even though some of these snippets didn't fit into the story, I thought you might have fun reading them. So here is one of Kyra's first encounters with Jacoby, the fire dervish.

Kyra Meets Jacoby

I rang the doorbell of a cottage in a quiet Pointe Claire neighborhood, in the west end of the ward. Midmorning. Kids at school, professionals at work. The street was calm except to my ears. I felt the magic of a brownie’s heart beating furiously as it hurried to a burrow across the street. In a tree hanging over the lawn, a bird tucked a twig into a newly made nest with the faintest scraping of bark. As a young girl, this heightened sense had driven me to the brink of madness. Now it made me a great exterminator.

The door opened to a woman in a ratty blue housecoat. She was neither old, nor young, but beaten down by life. Mousy hair flattened one side of her head as if she had just woken from an unmoving sleep. She eyed me warily.

“Kyra Adams. Valkyrie Pest Control.” I flashed an official-looking badge. Along with my uniform shirt, the badge put people at ease, empowered them to open the door to a stranger. That and a mild glamor let them ignore the three-foot sword strapped to my back.

The woman mumbled something and turned down a hall. I followed, checking my manifest.

“You’ve got raccoons? Is that right, Mrs. Henderson?” 

“Uh-huh. Coons in the chimney.” Her eyes shifted uneasily in the dim living room. An unearthly giggle echoed from above. I glanced at the fireplace. We both knew there were no raccoons. Mrs. Henderson mumbled something about coffee and hurried away.

I crouched on the hearth. Thanks to a run-in with a rock troll last month, my neck creaked with pain as I peered up the flue. I shone my flashlight into the dark space. Yellow eyes peered back at me.

“Hello, pretty Kyra-lady.” The creature shifted, showering me with ash. His long fingers hung onto the bricks like suction cups.

I sighed. At least I wouldn’t need a coon trap. Those critters could be vicious. 

...


On working with cats & free flash fiction

I ask you, how am I supposed to get any work done like this?




A few months ago I took both cat beds off my desk because the amount of cat fur flying around was getting out of hand. But the cats have other ideas. They either want to sit on my lap or my keyboard. So I gave in and put a blanket back on the desk. As long as they are sleeping, I can see over them, but the sheer cuteness makes productivity difficult.


imageTobie is an odd duck. Her nickname is Tobie the terrible because she's absolutely horrible with anybody other than our immediate family. Horrible, like drawing blood horrible. But with us, she's a sweetheart who can't stop herself from giving kisses. All. The. Time. Seriously, the underside of my chin is chapped because that's the only place her little sandpaper tongue can reach right now.


So if Book 3 is late, you can blame Tobie. Just kidding. Book 3 of the Valkyrie Bestiary is well underway and Book 2, Dervishes Don't Dance is up for pre-order. Launch date is October 13th.


And here is some new flash fiction for you. Most of my short fiction tends to be on the creepy side, so this is the perfect season to share some more of it.


Delusions of Faerie

imageWhat if you couldn't help but believe?

"There are no fairies, I tell you!" Mr. Doe pummeled his fists against the orderly's chest. His hands were cuffed, his wrists bruised and swollen from straining against the metal rings. Big Red grasped him by the forearms and contained his outburst. Several fairies twinkled about their heads, making soothing cluck-cluck sounds while Mr. Doe squirmed in Red's grip. 


Skipper waited, swinging his enormous ring of keys in an aggressive arc. "Quit your hollering," he said and cuffed Mr. Doe between the shoulder blades with the flat of his hand. A troll had been washing the floor and Mr. Doe skidded on the wet tile. Big Red hung on, and the two tumbled together in a heap. 


"Sorrrreeee!" said the troll in his rolling accent. "Sorrrreeeee!" 



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