Eliza Crowe

Sizzling Paranormal Romance

Pick Your Monster

Book one of the sizzling new paranormal romance series, Shifted Dreams

Who’s the real monster, the werewolf or the man Shayna thought she loved?

A romantic picnic. A secluded spot with a spectacular view of the sunset. A bottle of non-alcoholic wine to toast her happy news. Shanya has everything planned for her big reveal to Nate. 

She didn’t plan on releasing the monster he kept so carefully hidden. 

A local rancher hunts feral werewolves in the park and stumbles over a badly beaten woman and two wolves hoping to make her their next feast. Chris Burke was once an alpha and the urge to protect those weaker than him is second nature.

Shayna is now the focus of a murder investigation that sparks public outrage in a town where humans and shifters live side-by-side with only a shaky truce standing between them. As she heals from her wounds, Shayna must accept Chris’s protection—and the growing attraction between them—until she can learn to protect herself once again.   

Pick Your Monster is the first novella (approx. 100 pages) in a new series, Shifted Dreams.

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Now Available: Lost Rogues

Book 2 of the Shifted Dreams Series

Shayna is learning to love her new life, even if that means dealing with the medieval pack hierarchy. But time spent hunting and frolicking with Chris Burke—the handsome lone wolf who saved her from death and put her back on her feet—makes all that effort and humiliation worth it. 

Until Chris gets a lead on his missing son. 

Josh has been gone for five years. Gone without a trace. Now, one blurry surveillance photo sparks a new determination in Chris. And Shayna will have to decide if she can leave him to face his worst fears alone while she stays with the stifling Pack Connelly. Or should she risk her life and her growing passion to follow him?

Lost Rogues is the second novella (approx. 100 pages) in a new series, Shifted Dreams.

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Lost Rogues